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Lead Machine

Generate more leads using multi-channel outreach and get in front of ideal prospects
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HubSpot Hero

Customise your CRM to how your sales team work and build process automations to accelerate your pipeline
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Sales Automator

Boost productivity and scale performance with custom integrations, workflows and adding AI tools to your stack
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We bolt on to your team and help upskill, train and consult on best practices

- Guided sales approach
- Co-create effective strategies
- Team training for scalability


We handle all aspects of the process so you can focus on your core business

- You request, we deliver. No effort needed
- Everything managed for you
- Expert execution based on years of experience
Build a custom plan to support your sales growth from £650/month. Pause at any time
Cold Outreach
CRM Onboarding
Automation & AI Tools
Email Copywriting
Sales Process Development
Workflow Automation
A/B Testing
Custom Reporting
Tech Stack Integration
CRM Onboarding
LinkedIn Optimisation
Sales Training

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Why work with Finnative?

We want to change how you work with agencies to scale your business in the right way. Growing a sales team is a huge overhead, but so are under-utilised CRM tools and lead generation agencies that don't deliver.

We'll match the growth of your business so you never overspend. Off target this quarter? Increase activity next month. Something else taking priority? Pause for 3 months. No problem.

You decide how we work with you and we'll guide you along the way. We're also growth partners of some of the best sales automation and AI tools on the market so we can make recommendations customised to your own needs.

How flexible are your services really?

Think of it like a monthly subscription - you decide on the service level agreement when we first start working together. We'll continue to work with you on a rolling basis every month until you say otherwise.

You might have a short-term project and then nothing for 6 months. That's fine! You're still 'on the books' so to speak - we can pick up where we left off.

If you want to pause or cancel the arrangement, you'll need to finish the current billing month. We don't have a minimum notice period, but to upgrade your plan we might need up to 30 days to ensure availability, so it's best to tell us in advance.

What's the difference between 'Done for You' and 'Done with You' services?

In 'Done for You' we handle all aspects of the process, from running entire outbound campaigns to building custom workflows. It's more transactional - you submit requests and we deliver. We will still advise and recommend best next steps, so don't worry if you're unsure.

'Done with You' is more collaborative where we work with you to implement the tools and processes, helping you learn along the way. Great for growing sales teams and those who want to fill the skills gaps internally.

What's covered in 'Lead Machine'?

We'll help you build outbound campaigns targeting the right decision makers to grow your pipeline. This can be entirely managed by us (where we hand over qualified leads) or we can set up the systems and guide your sales staff individually. We'll also advise on the right tools that fit your business, as we have experience with multiple platforms.

The focus is very much on helping you scale outreach in the long run, so email deliverability, campaign copywriting and A/B testing are all key components of what we deliver regardless of the method you choose.

What's covered in 'Sales Automator'?

This covers the set up and integration of sales automation and AI tools to help streamline your sales process. This is for more complex needs like custom workflows, data quality and cross-platform automation - but this can commonly include HubSpot or lead generation tools you are already using.

You can submit user problems as requests which we'll try and solve using the functionality of your existing tech stack. Otherwise we'll propose solutions and take it from there.

We'll generally always keep a backlog of tasks we think are useful to you, so if you don't submit enough requests to fulfil the agreed service in a particular month, we'll suggest ways we can optimise for you.

Do I need to be a HubSpot user to work with you?

We're an official HubSpot Solutions Provider and so our CRM expertise are mostly in HubSpot. You can absolutely use another CRM and still work with us, but if you're looking specifically for CRM help, a different agency might be better suited to your needs.

We find HubSpot is great for scale - you can start small and upgrade when necessary. It also has a lot of native integrations with other tools, which is great for more complex automations.

If you're thinking about migrating to HubSpot let us know, we can help with that too.